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    90% of your Grimsby waste is recycled

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Choose Your Grimsby Skip Size


2 Yard
  • 20-25 Grimsby Bin Bags
  • 2 Tonnes of Grimsby Waste
  • Garden or Small House in Grimsby


4 Yard
  • 30-50 Grimsby Bin Bags
  • 4 Tonnes of Grimsby Waste
  • Builders or Clearances in Grimsby


8 Yard
  • 80-100 Grimsby Bin Bags
  • 8 Tonnes of Grimsby Waste
  • Large or Bulky Waste from Grimsby

14 Yard

  • 100-140 Grimsby Bin Bags
  • 10 Tonnes of Grimsby Waste
  • Enclosed and Lockable

Skip Hire Grimsby

At Skip Hire Grimsby, we’re known throughout the area for our recycling and skip hire
service. Our staff take their work seriously and is always fast and reliable when it
comes to dealing with hazardous waste. Non hazardous waste is also dealt with by
us separately.

Skip Hire Grimsby offers a range of waste services, and these include the following:-

  • Recycling.
  • Removal of hazardous waste.
  • Waste management.
  • Household skip hire.
  • Domestic skip hire.

Skip Hire Grimsby supplies a range of skips that are suitable for domestic use. Our
domestic skips come in a number of sizes, all of which are suitable for many different
purposes. Our sizes are 2,4,8,12 and 16 yards

Each of these skips can be used for household jobs, such as, a DIY project or having
professional builders extend your home. Our household skips are also the best
solution for waste management if you’re looking for somewhere to dispose of garden
waste or household waste.

Skip Hire Grimsby can deliver your skip to your door and collect it when it’s full, so
you will always receive the best service at all times.

Skip Hire Grimsby deals with all waste but I would like to mention hazardous waste. We
follow all hazardous waste regulations and employ a special team who carefully deals
with it. The waste is treated in such a way that ant damage

Grimsby Council Collected and Household Waste Statistics 2012/13

Total local authority collected waste 90,327
Household - total waste 81,660
Household - waste sent for recycling/composting/reuse 35,916
Household dry recycling/reuse (tonnes) 17,699
Household green recycling/reuse (tonnes) 18,217

Management of Grimsby Local Authority Collected Waste, 2012/13

Landfill 48,174
Incineration with EfW 978
Incineration without EfW 0
Recycled/ composted 39,690
Other 0
Total 88,843

Grimsby local council Selected Waste Indicators 2012/13

Residual household waste per household (kg/household) (Ex NI191) 621.12
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting (Ex NI192) 43.93%
Percentage of municipal waste sent to landfill (Ex NI193) 53.33%
Collected household waste per person (kg) (Ex BVPI 84a)  485.35

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